About Us

Predictive Numerics provides Computational Chemistry and Biology support to Startups, BioTechs, and Pharma. We also support Venture Capital firms and Hedge Funds, thanks to interest surrounding our predictive biology models. There are a few main arms of our business: autonomous computational support, model construction, novel methods development, and systems biology. We do provide human support for discovery campaigns as well, just let us know what you need!

Predictive Models and Virtual Screening

After spending decades in the Pharmaceutical industry, building predictive computational platforms while supporting drug discovery campaigns, we have a wealth of experience knowing what models need to be built. Additionally, we have experienced the very early days of drug discovery campaigns and know first hand the value of Virtual Screening. Predictive Numerics offers both Virtual Screening and the following high quality models to interested parties:

Novel Methods

Predictive Numerics brings decades of experience developing industrial methods to tackle difficult problems for the Pharmaceutical industry. Here is a short list of what we have ready-to-go for clients:

Automated Computational Support

We have built a variety of platforms for startups, biotechs, and large pharma. Our platforms have proven that we can accelerate drug discovery campaigns around ADMET issues while maintaining or improving the potency of candidates. These platforms have led to the discovery of numerous clinical candidates with a combined market value of well over $500 Million.

Access to our automated computational chemist is available 24/7 for clients. This includes all of the computational firepower needed to evaluate every candidate proposed by your team. Let us know if you are ready to learn more!